Project description

ONR Award Number: N000141512789

ONR project Adaptive Courseware & Natural Language Tutor (AC & NL Tutor) includes a development and deployment of new model of intelligent tutoring system with adaptive content and with communication based on controlled natural language. This project is a continuation of long-time research in the field of using computers in education in the broadest sense, and of the development and the application of intelligent tutoring systems.

Project outcome includes a creation of almost fully automated intelligent tutoring system which will be able to tutor any declarative domain knowledge and to communicate in natural language. Automation will be reflected by adaption and generation of knowledge about the learner who is being taught and knowledge of methods for tutoring learners. The design of the domain knowledge in the expert module will also be automated (computer expert uses computer knowledge extraction), instead of manual (live expert designs domain knowledge). Moreover, the creation, selection, sequencing and presentation of courseware elements will be completely automated. Natural language processing will be applied during two-way communication in all learning, teaching and knowledge testing phases. Instruction design in this system will offer several scenarios of learning, teaching and testing learner’s knowledge.

Principal Investigator

Ani Grubišić, PhD

Associate Professor - Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia


Address: Ruđera Boškovića 33, 21000 Split, Croatia

Phone: +385 21 619 222


Co-Principal Investigators:

Slavomir Stankov, PhD

retired Full Professor - Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia

Branko Žitko, PhD

Associate Professor - Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia


Suzana Tomaš, PhD

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Split, Croatia

Emil Brajković, Tomislav Volarić, PhD, Daniel Vasić

Faculty of Science and Education, University of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ines Šarić

Faculty of Science, University of Split, Croatia

Angelina Gašpar, PhD, Catholic Faculty of Theology, University of Split